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Est. October 17, 1985

2017 Calendar of Events

February 3, 4 & 5, 2017: Surf City USA Marathon Beer Garden at the Marathon Expo located at the HB City Beach parking lot across from the Waterfront Hilton. Open to the public.

Beer Garden Hours are Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 9am-1pm.

February 4, 2017: 31st Annual HB Pier Paddle Race on Southside of the pier at 9am meet at waters' edge

Dedicated to Sophia Tiare Bartlow

February 8, 2017: Free surf flick and talk story in the Mario's banquet room.

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Mike Morgan Wave of the Day waiting period until March 2017.

Legacy HBLC Member Mike Morgan RIP

Style Master Mike Morgan with his 1990 Trophy

February 18-19, 2017: Big, Bad and Ugly Contest

March 18, 2017: 10th Annual Rincon Invitational

April 1-2, 2017: DLSA's Gathering of the Tribes at Church, Trestles, San Onofre State Beach

Coalition of Surf Club News

In 2016, nineteen clubs sent their surf teams to four or more CSC sanctioned events. Four of those clubs sent a team to every event! Huntington was one of those four. Coalition of Surf Clubs (CSC) last event for 2016 at La Jolla Shores was hosted by the Windansea Surf Club on Nov 19-20, 2016. Our HBLC Huntington Beach Surf Team sent team reps to this event. For the year we finished equal 13th. Contact Seahag to join up for 2017. First event at Church, Trestles.

Oceanside LB Surfing Club OLSC
Windansea Surf Club WSC
Doheny LB Surfing Assoc DLSA
Long Beach Surf Club LBSC
Pacific Beach Surf Club PBSC

2016 HB Surf Team Ranking

*<4 means that the team did not go to 4 or more tournaments


2015 Rank


2016 after 9 events

Oceanside Surfing Club OLSC 1 - 8 2 1 4 2 1 1 8 5 1
Windansea Surf Club WSC 2 2 2 1 5 2 5 2 2 1 6 2
Doheny LB Surfing Association DLSA 3 - 6 10 2 8 1 6 6 2 11 3
Long Beach Surf Club LBSC 4 - - 7 3 10 3 3 4 - 13 4
Pacific Beach Surf Club PBSC 6 9 9 5 4 16 4 10 3 3 14 5
Malibu Surfing Association MSA 5 6 7 4 15 1 7 9 10 9 18 6
Cardiff Surf Club CSC 7 - 11 11 7 4 8 5 5 6 20 7
Swamis Surfing Association SSA 10 - - 12 6 12 6 4 - 13 28 8
Big Stick Surfing Association BSSA 12 1 4 8 16 19 - - - - 29 9
Santa Cruz Longboard Union SCLU 17 5 1 13 - 18 - - - 10 29 9
Malibu Boardriders Club MBC 9 - - 3 10 9 15 12 11 - 33 11
La Jolla Shores Surfing Association LJSSA 14 - - 18 14 - 9 - 7 4 34 12
Huntington Beach Longboard Crew HBLC 14 10 10 16 12 17 14 7 9 12 36 13
Pedro Point Surf Club PPSC 7 3 3 17 13 23 - - - - 36 13
Ventura Surf Club VSC 14 - 11 9 - 5 13 - - 11 36 13
Coronado LB Surfing Association CLSA 10 - - 15 8 13 10 8 12 - 39 16
Santa Barbara Surf Club SBSC 12 8 5 20 - 14 16 - - - 43 17
Sunset Cliff Surf Association SCSA 18 - 11 14 18 - - - - 5 48 18
San Diego Surf Ladies SDSL <4 - 11 19 17 - 12 11 8 - 51 19
Hope Ranch Surf Club HRSC <4 4 - 6 - 7 - - - - - <4
Carolina Beach LB Club   <4 - - - 11 15 - - - - - <4
Cold Water Surf Club CWSC <4 7 - - - - 16 - - - - <4
Hawaiian Longboard Association HLA <4 - - - - 6 - - - - - <4
Texas LB Club   <4 - - - 9 - - - - - - <4
Virginia Longboard Federation VLF <4 - - - - 11 - - - - - <4
Colony Cool Cats CCC <4 - - - - 20 - - - - - <4
Team Rainbow TR <4 - - - - 21 - - - - - <4
Salinas Surf Club SSC <4 - - - - 22 - - - - - <4
San Miguel Surf Club Baja SSC <4 - - - - - - - - 7 - <4
Estero Bay Surf Club EBSC <4 - - - - - - - - - - <4
Blackies Classics BCSC <4 - - - - - - - - - - <4
Wrightsville Beach LB Association WBLA <4 - - - - - - - - - - <4
Noosa Malibu Club NMC <4 - - - - - - - - - - <4

*Most Recent CSC Scoring Guidelines:
To be included in Coalition of Surf Clubs Team Scoring a team must participate in a minimum of four (4) of the nine (9) Coalition Sanctioned Events for the calendar year.

Our goal is to have fun while generating resources for worthy causes.

Member's ages range under 10 to over 75 years old.
Our members are well traveled and take excursions to remote areas of the world. When we get together as a group it's usually for fun in Surf City.

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Welcome to all of our members for 2016.

The HBLC Surf Club hosts monthly gatherings, a Surf Team and other events throughout the year. The membership fee is $25.00 per year for the family! In order to join or renew your membership click the DONATE button below and we will send you an acknowledgement by e-mail. Another way to join is at our monthly gathering at Mario's Mexican Restaurant.

The Huntington Beach Longboard Crew is a registered and
approved 501(c)3 California Corporation.

To send us snail mail:
9121 Atlanta Avenue  Suite 623
Huntington Beach, California 92646

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HB Surf Club Blog:
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2016 started off with a bang as El Nino clobbered the west coast. The Gathering of the Tribes was cancelled. We had epic waves however and soon we were in the midst of planning our version of "The Eddie". Every year this event is what we call "The Morgan". Mike Morgan was a member of our club who passed away too early and in his memory Chris "Sarge" Sardelis has created the Mike Morgan Wave of the Day Expression Session. This year it went off with Kyle McGeary winning. The event raised over $4000 for the Explorers for Life.

We spent Superbowl Weekend at the beach with the annual pier paddle on Saturday, February 6, 2016 and the Surf City Marathon Beer Garden Friday, satuday and Sunday. The Pier Paddle made the news when a 10 foot great white got "spooked" by Shane as he rounded the pier on his way to another victory. See the story in the OC Register along with the drone video of the event, including great white swimming away from Shane!

The 2016 Surf City Marathon's Beer Garden was a wild time from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon and that is all we can say about it here in this forum. There were some pictures floating around the internet that are very telling. The club made money for charity AND had fun!

On March 19, 2016 we held our 16th Annual Surf n Bowl in memory of Robin Hauser. The surfing was on the Northside/6th St and the bowling at Fountain Bowl.

The Big Lebowski:

Sean Rathan

Open Men:

First Place Steve Hafke

Second Place Noel Terrado

Third Place Scott English

Fourth Place Gary Sahagen

Open Women:

First Place Joanne Zschomler


First Place Ariana Rathan

The Big Pin Gabriela Rathan

above is 2002 Surf and Bowl - Robin Hauser on far left - rest in peace

above is 2003 Surf and Bowl - Robin Hauser on far left - rest in peace

A big congratulations to our newest member, Ben Barns for his Big Sticks Surfing Association's Logjam 6th place finish at the Pleasure Point event in Santa Cruz on April 23-24, 2016. His one man surf team from Huntington Beach managed to put the HB surf club in tenth place overall in the first event of the Coalition of Surf Clubs' 2016 tournament tour. A total of eight events were held in the 2015 tour up and down the California coast. These events attract hundreds of surfers with sup, tandem, shortboard surfing, classical longboard surfing and team relay paddle races.

The Crew headed for Malibu a lot this year with several great south swells showing up early. The HB pier had size but the real quality was the BU! The annual Malibu Boardriders' Call to the Wall was held in highly contestable 3-5 foot surf. Bill Brewer took the win in his division of 36 surfers. Bill was in great form as he took out some notables such as Michael Gillard in the final heat. Great job Bill and way to represent! I have to personally thank Bill for grabbing Wendy's raffle prize while I was out grabbing some of the last waves of the day after the event. Other team members showing good results were Timothy with a ninth place and myself with a tenth place. Noel Terrado, Kris Kroo, Sean Rathan, Scott English and Ben Barnes rounded out the team which placed 16th out of the twenty teams present.

Oceanside Contest saw a small team head down with 17 other surf clubs from as far away as Carolina and Texas. The team finished 12th overall. Congrats to Zoe for finishing 5th overall in the Menehune girls division!! After four events the HBLC Surf Team is in 6th place overall.

The Malibu Surfing Association held the 2016 Classic at first point on September 10-11 in nice shoulder to overhead waves. The team finished 12th out of 23 teams entered. Tim as team captain and Terry, Gary and Bill rounding out our small team from HB. Gary made the finals coming in second with the rest of the team contributing enough points to keep us in the top ten for the coalition events for the year. (See above rankings after five events.)

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association held the 2016 Gathering of the Tribes at Boneyards September 23-24 in clean waves. The team finished 14th out of 17 teams entered. Gary as team captain with Liam, Terry, Sean and Hans supporting our small team from HB. We slipped to 15th in the ratings after our finish here but we have three events left and can make a comeback.

The Swamis Surfing Association held their 22nd Annual Cardiff Reef Invitational, Return to the Reef. After fighting to get the reef for the venue the club won and pulled off one of the best events of the year. The Huntington Beach crew was a smaller team but we ended up finishing seventh out of 12 teams. Josh Mohr (Huntington Beach Club) and Joel Tudor (Windansea Club) battled all weekend with Josh winning the first round but Joel fighting his way back through the reparcharge heat to come back and win the final heat in a tight battle with Josh a close second. Scott English advanced to the semi-finals and Gary made the finals in Legends (fifth place) and Presidents' (first place) divisions. We are tied for 14th in the rankings with two events left.

For anyone who attended the HB 80's event at Goldenwest Street the day was epic! Mayor BL of the 17th Street Board Shop did a fantastic job with RB as contest director pulling it off without a hitch. Rockin Fig did the announcing with great finess. We had several members in the event and some advanced all the way to the finals. Noel with a third place and Gary with fifth place were the Senior Grom finalists from our club. Billy Hopkins (HBLC club member number 153) won the open event with Justin Hugron winning the Triple Crown of Retro Surfing. Justin is also a HBLC club member number 087.

The eighth coalition event was held at Tourmaline Surfing Park (a state park). The host clubs were Pacific Beach Surf Club and Cardiff Surf Club. Our team was only five but we managed a ninth place team finish out of the twelve clubs fielding a team for this event. Thanks to Felipe, Larry, Gary, Noel, Tim and Kathleen (official photographer) for supporting the HB Surf Team. Points from all participants with finalists Tim in sixth for grand masters, Noel in fifth for masters shortboard and Gary in first for legends. Gary also placed third for club presidents.

(See above for the club rankings after eight coalition events.)

The club members were in force on October 29, 2016 at the Huntington Beach Senior Surf Invitational to compete against any and all comers worldwide. The only qualification was age. Over 50 only please. Hugh Pierpoint traveled all the way from Australia to get a chance to take down some of the local talent. The day was full of fun surf and the weather was perfect.

first place went to

Terry Carmadella

The Surf Team ended the year at La Jolla Shores for the Windansea Coalition event. We had Scott and Kat representing HB and Scott single handedly beat the Swamis Surfing Association. Great job Scott! Our team ended the year with an equal thirteenth out of the nineteen clubs sending teams to four or more events. Our club sent a team to all nine tournaments as did MSA, PBSC and WNS.

2017 started off wet with a postponed Gathering of the Tribes event.

click here for archived blog and notes

In loving memory of club members lost,

may they be eternally barrelled...

Ronnie Hawkins

Raoul Jimenez

Ricardo Valdez

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